Historian and former political prisoner Serban Radulescu Zoner is dead

Historian and former political prisoner Serban Radulescu Zoner passed away on Wednesday, at age 83.

According to a release , the historian was a political prisoner between 1959 and 1962. He was arrested on February 18, 1952, interrogated at the headquarters of the Securitate in Ploiesti (southern Romania) for 11 months and initially sentenced by the Military Court in Bucharest to five years in prison for plotting against the social order, a sentence that grew severer (six years in prison) after the appeal filed by the Military Prosecutor’s Office.

Alina Grigorescu, a member on the coordinating committee of the Civic Alliance, says that Serban Radulescu Zoner, while serving his sentence, was transferred to several penitentiaries (Ploiesti, Galati, Jilava and to the labour camps at Salcia, Stoenesti and Stramba in Balta Brailei) and was then pardoned through Decree 393/June 26, 1962.

Serban Radulescu Zoner’s activity as a historian suffered because of the communist regime too.

Till January 31, 1996 he was senior scientific researcher at the Nicolae Iorga History Institute, but in 1975 he was expelled from the Institute under the circumstances of Ceausescu’s ‘cultural revolution’ and compulsorily transferred to the Bucharest Museum of History, without being deprived of his title as a scientific researcher. It was only in 1990 that he was employed again by the Institute and promoted to senior researcher.

‘After being released he categorically refuses to cooperate with the Securitate, a fact attested by the written documents existing at the National Council for Studying the Securitate Archives. … Serban Radulescu Zoner was then a deputy of the Romanian Democratic Convention (1992-2000), initially for the Civic Alliance Party, till this party stepped out of the coalition, from 1996 he was a member of the National Liberal Party and from September 2000 he was independent and refused any cooperation with Valeriu Stoica, whom he regarded as an opportunist. Serban Radulescu Zoner was a member of the Civic Alliance starting in 1996 and from March 31, 2001, chairman of the Civic Alliance,’ reads the press release.

Serban Radulescu Zoner was a member of the international association of contemporary history in Geneva and published more than 200 scientific works in Romania and abroad (France, Germany, the US, Italy) and in 1993 he was awarded the Mihail Kogalniceanu Prize of the Romanian Academy.


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