MAE welcomes adoption of EP resolution on discriminatory Internet sites and governmental reaction to them

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) welcomes the adoption, in the European Parliament (EP), by a large majority, of the resolution on discriminatory Internet sites and the governmental reaction to them.

According to a release MAE sent to Agerpres on Thursday, the above-mentioned resolution is a prompt reaction of the European Parliament condemning the initiative of the PVV, the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, to create such a site by means of which Dutch citizens are encouraged to take a discriminatory attitude to the European citizens coming from states in Central and Eastern Europe.

The text of the resolution most clearly condemns the site launched by the PVV, which strikingly runs counter to the European fundamental values sanctioned by the Union’s treaties that are based on the respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms, the rule of law, equality, tolerance and solidarity, as well as to the community legislation on the free circulation, reads the release mentioned before.

At the same time the resolution firmly requests the Dutch Government to condemn and dissociate itself from this initiative and emphasizes it is the duty of all governments in the European Union (EU) to guarantee the rights of the European citizens to nondiscrimination and free circulation.

Moreover the EP resolution reiterates the significant positive contribution of the workers coming from the countries that joined the EU in 2004 and 2007 to the development of the economies of the other member states and to the economic growth of the Union.

The European Parliament also requests the European Council to formally condemn the PVV site, which undermines the European set of rights, values and principles.

The European Parliament equally requests the European Commission and the EU Council to make all efforts to stop propagating xenophobic attitudes in the Union, such as the ones represented by this site, and to ensure the effective implementation of the framework decision on racism and xenophobia.

The release also reads that MAE has constantly worked for promoting Romania’s position firmly condemning any discriminatory, xenophobic and anti-European actions, which incite hatred and intolerance to European citizens, Romanian citizens included.

MAE will continue to take steps in Europe so that the well-known European values should be observed and so that they should support the continuation of the process of European integration on the basis of the full observance of the community rules and principles, including the viewpoint of achieving Romania’s aim to join the Schengen area and to ensure the free circulation of people, also reads the release mentioned above.


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