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Basescu: Re-assigning EU money to heating rehabilitation of flats would have major social impact

Romanian President Traian Basescu met visiting European Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn at the presidential Cotroceni Palace, on which occasion the president said he had asked the development minister to look at the social impact that the re-assignment of the European money to the heating rehabilitation of the blocks of flats would have.

‘Mr Commissioner, thank you very much for your support with respect to the request I made President Barroso at the last Council /…/ As regards the re-assignment of the money – the second issue in my letter – I have the study on my desk. But the study, at this moment, does not cover an essential element for the European Commission – the jobs for the young people. This was the main discussion at the last Council. And I asked the development minister to make an analysis with respect to this aspect which is extremely important for the European Commission in general’, Basescu said at the start of the meeting with Hahn.

The European commissioner said the Romanian proposal was intelligent and the head of state added Romania will be ‘a hundred percent honest’ with the European money.

‘The essential element concerns the social impact, given that the blocks of flats are generally inhabited by average earners and by many retirees. And this will extraordinarily help them, by cutting the costs of the winter-time (heating) bills. I asked the development minister to look at this aspect – the social impact, not only at the energy-wise impact, but the impact on the people, because the people are in an extremely difficult situation, now the bills for February have started to arrive’, explained Basescu. He added the retirees living on a pension of 600-700 lei (some 150 euros) must pay bills of more than 100 euros.

The president stressed the motorway building will begin in spring, a fact that will allow re-training of the workers who will thus have jobs.

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