Commissioner Hahn: Romania should absorb over 30M euros a week in EC payments in 2012

Romania should get payments of European money at more than 30 million euros a week by the end of 2012 in order to meet all the requirements related to the European Union funds absorption, visiting European Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn said.

The commissioner, after having attended the works of the Inter-ministry Committee for European Funds at Victoria Palace (the Govt’s offices), underscored the importance of a good absorption of the European funds by Romania so that Bucharest might be made available the same quantity of EU funds in the 2014-2020 financial exercise as for 2007-2013.

‘2012 is the year of the implementation, it is also necessary that you proved other member states that Romanian can use the available quantity of money, because we have already presented our proposal for the next financial period, which means that /…/ with respect to our proposal, our calculation, Romania should get at least the same quantity of money in order to continue all the projects already begun and by which the Romanian people’s living standard must be improved’, Hahn underscored.

He stressed the budget level depends on the decision of the European Union heads of states and governments.

‘That is why it is so important that you proved it is possible to use the quantity of money. I am grateful for all the initiatives made by the prime minister and his team. For this year alone you might need to get payments of more than 30 million euros or 131 million lei a week for the rest of 2012 in order to meet all the requirements. Therefore, we live tough, but very promising times’, the European commissioner said.

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