President Basescu sends condolence message to Sarkozy, following attack of Toulouse

President Traian Basescu on Monday sent a condolence message to his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy, following the bloody attack occurred in Toulouse, close to Ozar Hatorah School.

‘I found out in dismay and deep sorrow the news of the bloody attack occurred today [on Monday] in Toulouse, near Ozar Hatorah School. On the Romanian people’s behalf and on my behalf, I want to send you sincere condolences and the expression of our whole compassion for the mourning families.

The shock felt is so much the more intense as the victims of this evil attack were mainly children of the youngest ages. Nothing can justify the resort to such criminal acts.

We firmly condemn the violence acts, especially those of such cruelty, and we join you in defending the values on which the French society and all the other European Union states are built,’ President Basescu’s message shows, according to a Presidential Administration release, posted on the institution’s website on Tuesday.

An armed man on Monday morning fired against a group of parents and children in front of Ozar Hatorah Judaic College of Toulouse, killing a Religion teacher and his children, aged 3 and 6, and another ten-year old child, and seriously injuring one other person.


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