Romanian Facebook for groups of friends

Several Romanian young people launched an electronic platform named Prevyou by which the user can find out where their friends are and which are the places they like at a given moment of the day, Capital magazine quotes Digi24.

The new social networking service displays the Facebook profiles of the users who are nearby and the people the user can interact with are showed around a 500 metres range.

The absolute novelty of this system conceived by Romanian people is that the programme identifies your friends and tells you where they are, based on a GPS track system.

The programme knows how many friends are in a pub in the city. The users cannot find out who these are unless they go there to see them in person. Thus, the programme retains the right to privacy, Capital reads.

For starters, Prevyou is for free but those who launched it said that once the software is shared by a lot of users, they might place a 5 lei fee (about 1.15 euros).

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