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Bucharest and Chisinau parliamentarians sign resolution giving political support to Republic of Moldova joining EU

Romanian parliamentarians will support their Chisinau colleagues in the process of the European integration of the Republic of Moldova.

The members of the joint European integration commission of the two Parliaments, in Chisinau, signed a resolution giving political support to the Republic of Moldova in joining the European Union.

This resolution expresses support for speeding up and signing the agreement on the Republic of Moldova”s association to the EU, the free trade agreement and the entire support for liberalizing the visa regime, said Romanian Senator Titus Corlatean, joint chairman of the commission.

Romania as a member state of the European Union can give concrete support to the Republic of Moldova through its expertise and experience in the negotiating process, but also political support by its backing the relation with other parliaments and governments of the community, he said.

Titus Corlatean also said that the Republic of Moldova was the state making the most important progress in the eastern partnership and that Romania supported the principle that the European Union should give more benefits to the states making the most progress.

Ana Gutu, a deputy in Chisinau, joint chairperson of the commission on behalf of the Republic of Moldova, said that the parliamentarians of this state expect legal expertise especially from their Romanian colleagues.

„The parliamentarians from Romania offer to meet the legal requirements, but we hope to have a more intense and deeper going cooperation in Government matters included, as an intergovernmental commission on European integration will be set up,” said the deputy. Ana Gutu also said that the Republic of Moldova wanted to have as many friends in the EU as possible and Romania proved this quality in the course of time. „Romania is the nearest state, which demonstrated its unconditional support in the course of time,” said Deputy Ana Gutu.

The next meeting of the commission will take place in September in Bucharest. Then they will concretely discuss a number of important draft laws, which should be adopted by the Parliament in Chisinau in order to make progress in the negotiating process and the future joining the EU, according to Titus Corlatean.

The joint European integration commission was set up following the cooperation and partnership protocol between the two national Parliaments, which was signed on April 27, 2010, in Bucharest.

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