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CSM Vice President: CVM turned into political process using justice as starting point


The reports on Romania’s progress under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) stopped being solely technical reports a long time ago, if they were ever, with the overall CVM turning into a political process using justice as a starting point, Vice President of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) Oana Schmidt-Haineala said in an interview with Agerpres.

‘When I run for this position in 2010, I was saying that the CVM and Schengen interrelate because of the problem regarding the perception at the European level the CVM causes us and that mirrors upon the other mechanisms that can be linked to the problem of justice in Romania as a platform. We are in 2012 and we are still talking about technical reports and it surprises us the CVM is linked to Romania’s Schengen entry. This is not right, but things are the way they are, not only how we wish them to be. What we must do, regarding the CSM, is to solve our problems as to the judicial system, not only to hold talks about how fair the connection between the two matters or the politicizing of the CVM is. This is our point of view according to which we seek to build a common stance,’ said Oana Schmidt-Haineala.

The CSM vice president underscored that Netherlands’ arguments against Romania’s Schengen entry will no longer exist only when the issues in the judicial system will be solved and the Romanians will be the first to benefit.

Oana Haineala claims that although the Netherlands was the only country having vocally expressed its opinion on the CVM and Schengen, unfortunately there are also other states voicing criticism against Romania and its judicial system.

‘They say the trend is more important in politics than the moment, if the trend, and not only the moment will turn against us, things will be pretty hard to change,’ the CSM chairwoman pointed out.

She also said the officials want to lift the CSM, draw up plans of measures, policies and strategies targeting specific problems pointed out by the European Commission’s reports, but for example they neglect to corroborate the technical aspects with the broader problem of the human resources at the systemic level.

Given the recent discussions of the Romanian officials with the EU representatives in Brussels, Oana Schmidt-Haineala considers that the window of opportunity is far from being closed.

‘We have the necessary time to fulfill the tasks we have pledged to, but we must pass from the level of statements on TV to concerted actions. Not the time we still have at our disposal or Europe is against us, but rather the opposition against the effective allotment of the resources and the adoption of the measures necessary to overcome this situation. We believe that at least now and for the sake of the national interest, bridges between different groups of opinion and decision-making groups will be built,’ the CSM vice president added.


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