National Anti-corruption Strategy, adopted by Executive


The Government adopted, in its weekly meeting, the National Anti-corruption Strategy 2012-2015, the spokesman of the Executive, Dan Suciu, informed.

He said it is about „an extremely important document, part of the Government program”.

In turn, Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu explained that this new strategy is different from the previous ones through its „comprehensive, integrated and general nature” character. He pointed out that the strategy adopted by the Government is aimed at all state powers, but also at the business climate, local authorities and civil society.

„The National Anti-corruption Strategy has as assumed political premises stability of anti-corruption legislative and institutional framework and adequate resources allocation for the proper functioning of these institutions”, the Justice Minister claimed.

According to Catalin Predoiu, a specific feature of the new strategy refers to the prevention of corruption deeds.

„The strategy starts from the premise that every case of corruption, even after it is discovered, investigated and convicted by a court of law implicitly means a failure of public institutions to operate transparently on the basis of integrity. A number of targets keep, therefore, to the prevention and education of everyone who works in a public institution „, the minister explained.

As preventive measures proposed in this regard, Predoiu gave the example of the codes of ethics or conduct.

„This type of instrument was specific until now only in the case of regulated professions. Each institution that works with public money should include in the internal regulations either ethical codes, and those of conduct, or mechanisms for consultations between the heads of the institution at various levels and the respective employees, internal debates, that is a whole process of raising awareness on corruption issues and establishment of some internal objectives specific to each institution in rapport to its specificity „, Minister Predoiu underlined.

The Minister of Justice explained that one of the objectives of the strategy refers to the protection of mechanisms used to signal eventual corruption cases before they happen. He said that the document also has an appendix with a series of sectoral action plans for each field, spanning on the period 2012-2013.

On the other hand, the minister reminded that the recommendations of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism were made so that not only the Government, but the Parliament, too, assume these anti-corruption targets.

„At the level of the coalition, the Government would raise, through the Prime Minister, the issue referring to the adoption of a political declaration by the Parliament, through which this one to formally assume the strategy goals and to implement them. In fact, within the public debate that preceded the development and adoption of the strategy, in its final form, the Parliament was represented at the technical working meetings and assumed at the technical level these goals. What remains now is to formalize the assumption of these objectives at the political level, as well, perhaps through a declaration „, concluded Catalin Predoiu.

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