Romania enters Guinness Book again with longest train of wedding dress


Romania entered Guinness World Record Book with a wedding dress with a 2,823 metre-long train, made by Andree Salon.

The wedding dress and the train can be admired in the period March 23-25 in the Constitution Square in Bucharest, within the last wedding fair of the season 2012 – Marriage Fest.

‘If in 2009 we entered Guinness World Record with a dress having an over 1,500-metre train, the Chinese and then the Dutch have exceeded our record shortly, but we did not want to make it easy for the Dutch so we have now surpassed this record with 2,823 metres – this is the acknowledged value – of the longest train of a wedding dress. We therefore brought back the title to Romania and we are glad and proud of it,’ event organizer Alin Caraman told Agerpres.

For the dress and train that surpassed the world record, they used 4,700 m of taffeta, 10.5 m of jacquard silk, 45 m of lining, 5.5 m of corset made of Chantilly lace, on which they sew pearls, beads and sequins. They also used 1,857 needles, 150 reels of thread and worked 100 days to make this dress.

The most recent world record set by Romania dates back to February 24, when, with 1,468 valid signatures, the Romanians entered Guinness World Record with the longest love letter.

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