IRES Survey: Country’s President has greatest power

Romanians believe that the country’s President has the greatest real power in Romania, reveals an opinion survey of the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy (IRES) released on Friday.

According to the sociological survey, 46 percent of the respondents believe the Head of State holds the real power in Romania.He is followed by the business people with 14 percent, by the local barons, with 10 percent and by the secret services, with 9 percent. The Premier is rated with only 4 percent, as well as the owners of some media corporations.

‘The participants in the survey believe that the President is the one holding the real power in Romania (46 percent – a share declining 8 percent compared with December 2010),’ IRES chairman, sociologist Vasile Dancu said.

The IRES survey was carried out in the period March 19-20, on a representative sample of 1,446 respondents, with an error margin of + 2.6 percent.

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