Labour Minister: Measures to make possible wage restoration depend on April economic figures

Minister of Labour, Family and Social Protection Claudia Boghicevici told a press conference that the measures to be taken to make possible the public wage restoration depend on the economic figures of April.

‘I believe we must wait for the April economic data, of the first quarter. Depending on these results, we’ll have to figure out what measures we are going to adopt in order to make possible the wage restoration. I do not want to give information until these data are available. In my opinion, we have to wait the figures to be released in order to have an opinion,’ said Boghicevici.

At the beginning of March, President Traian Basescu told a TV channel that restoring the public wages should entail a 15-percent rise so that the wage sizes of before the 2010 25-percent cuts may be reached. He added that the money needed to cover the rise will be taken out from the national budget.


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