Traian Basescu: We are far from being at the highest level of corruption


President Traian Basescu said that the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) was „well anchored” in the battle against tax evasion, while adding that, although the atmosphere created gives the feeling that a high level of corruption was reached, Romania is far from it.

„As concerns the internal policies that SRI was involved in, I have to assess that a steady progress has been made compared to 2010, when I myself said that the Service’s activity was a very good one, and here I refer to the ways SRI worked together with other state institutions in combating corruption, either it was about some judges with the High Court of Cassation and Justice, judges with Courts of Appeals, corrupt prosecutors and so on, or it was about ministers, secretaries of state or local administration, mayors or County Councils presidents „, Basescu stressed at SRI stock taking meeting.

According to him, the service was also „well anchored” in the battle against tax evasion and contributed to the detection of the draining channels of money supposed to have reached the state budget, also significant actions.

„The atmosphere created seems to give the sensation that a very high level of corruption was reached. I want to tell you that we are far from being at the highest level of corruption in the post-revolutionary period (December 1989 – editor’s note) . But we are at a moment when the institutions of state, really, are fighting against corruption and I say what I used to say for approximately a year: no politician or judiciary employee, or in any other activity, even in the private sector, can not sit relaxed,because the Romanian state has developed information-gathering capabilities, which make less likely the commitment of important crimes without not being deferred to justice”, Basescu added.

He stated that „pressing the accelerator” in the direction of combating corruption is the solution of deterrence and he urged SRI to do exactly this, the same as the other institutions with competence in this field.

„2011 stock taking results are positive, both in the prevention of threats arising from risks asymmetric, and also in what concerns the service’s direct interior tasks. In fact, an intelligence service activity, in terms of terrorist risk, of the asymmetric risks, is evaluated by what is not happening. SRI managed to keep under control any entry of people suspected to be part of terrorist groups, sent information to counterparts, made proposals for expulsion, in such a way that the Romanian citizens benefited of a full security in 2011 „, President Băsescu also said.

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