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CNP: Exports of high-tech and medium high-tech products to account for 54 percent of all 2012 exports


Romania’s exports of products included in the high-tech and medium high-tech category will account, in 2012, for about 54 percent of the entire foreign trade planned for the processing industry, reads an analysis of the National Commission of Prognosis (CNP), which was published on the Internet page of the aforementioned institution.

According to the source mentioned above, when coming to the structure of exports of products made by the processing industry in keeping with the classification according to the technological intensity, their positive evolution has been noticed of late, which materialized in increasing the share of high-tech exports in all the exports of manufactured products from 10.3 percent in 2009 to 11.9 percent in 2011. They estimate a 12.3-percent share for the current year.

CNP makes it clear that one can find an improvement of the export structure as a consequence of the increase in the share of exports having high added value, which are included in the high-tech and medium high-tech groups. In this context they account for more than half (about 53-54 percent) of the exports of products made by the processing industry.

The group of high-tech products (computers and electronic or optical products, basic pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical preparations) is very dynamic and has registered significant growth in the past few years. Statistics say that, if in 2010 their growth was 49.5 percent, starting in the last part of 2011 their growth pace slowed down so that they estimate that exports of high-tech products will increase by 15.6 percent in 2012. The Nokia Company leaving Romania, one of the most important exporters, especially justifies this phenomenon, say the authors of the analysis.

Moreover, a 16 percent increase in the exports of computers and electronic and optical products is estimated for 2012, mainly due to TV receivers (video monitors included), their spare parts and the electrical apparatus for telephony or telegraphy and the automatic data processing machines. Exports of printed circuits (components of computers mainly) will increase by 12.2 percent.


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