Transfer of low-cost flights doubles passenger traffic on Otopeni Airport


The low-cost flights, which have been organized on the Baneasa Airport (northern Bucharest) since 2005, were transferred to the main airport in Romania, the Henri Coanda International Airport at Otopeni (near Bucharest), a fact that will lead to a 45 percent growth of traffic, according to the information supplied to Agerpres by the Aeroporturi National Company in Bucharest (CNAB).

According to CNAB estimates, after March 25 the passenger traffic on the Otopeni Airport will increase by about 45 percent on average and the number of landings/take-offs will grow by about 30 percent.

CNAB in 2011 registered a total traffic amounting to 7.44 million passengers (up by 5.9 percent from 2010) on both airports, Otopeni and Baneasa, the latter is to be changed into an airport for business flights as part of an investment plan to be carried out by CNAB.

Low-cost companies say that the removal of flights from the Baneasa Airport to the Henri Coanda International Airport at Otopeni will lead to tickets being more expensive by about 4 percent, the equivalent of 6 euros.

The Baneasa Airport will turn into a business airport.

So far several low-cost companies have been operating on this airport. Mention should be made of the Romanian company Blue Air, Wizz Air from Hungary, German Wings, a division of Lufthansa, and Vueling.

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