Tyrannosaur wins trophy of Bucharest International Film Festival

The British movie Tyrannosaur, directed by Paddy Considine, won the trophy of the eighth edition of the Bucharest International Film Festival (B-EST IFF).

‘Tyrannosaur is a movie where amazing actors play two characters who are united by their loneliness and they find salvation amid an atmosphere of violence,’ said the jury’s president Jan Harlan, in the motivation read when designing the winner of the festival.

The same movie won also the Critics’ Award. Mihai Chirilov said the film, the directorial debut of an actor, presents ‘a devastating urban drama about the domestic violence and the salvation, completed by a tough story and a brilliant interpretation.’

The Romanian film entitled Everybody in Our Family, by Radu Jude, has also received two awards, the Award for the Best Director and the Public’s Award. The movie humorously captures the sad story of a father and his daughter, who want to spend together a heaven-like holiday, but for now they are trapped in their hellish family relationships.

The Prize for the Best Picture was granted to the movie Submarine, a film about a 15-year old teenager Oliver Tate who has two goals, to lose his virginity before his birthday and to close any connection between his mother and her former boyfriend who has recently reappeared in their lives.

The film Presume Coupable, directed by Vincent Garenq won the Best Screenplay Award, as it is based on a true story and extremely important in our times. In an era when the structures of our democracies are undermined by influential interest groups, the people, the public and the press must closely watch the professional behaviour of judges enjoying unlimited powers.

The Festival’s jury included the head of the Berlin Film Festivals International Director of International Relations Karin Hoffinger, FESTROIA Festival director Fernanda Silva, film director and producer Ferenc Moldovanyi and film critic Boyd van Hoeij. The critics’ jury was made up of Magda Mihailescu, Iulia Blaga and Mihai Chirilov, all three members of the International Federation of Film Critics.

The eighth edition of the Bucharest International Film Festival took place on March 19-25, in three Bucharest-based cinema halls


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