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AEP to start posting local elections legislation on line on March 27

Today, the Standing Electoral Authority (AEP) will start posting on its own website the entire legislation regarding the local elections and other information materials concerning the election process.

AEP officials told on Monday that details of the calendar of electoral actions will be made available as they get certified. Also available on the website will be a guide for Romanian nationals settled elsewhere in the European Union who want to vote, a guide for the financial trustees in charge with electoral spending, decisions of the AEP and of the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC).

According to the schedule for this year’s local elections, a decision about the date of the elections will be published in the Official Gazette on March27, while between March 27 and March 29 all the county electoral constituencies and the constituencies of Bucharest City will have to be numbered.

By March 31, judges will have to be appointed to the BEC, while on April 1 an election will be held to select the BEC chairman and the deputy. Within 24 hours of the election, the AEP chairs and deputy chairs will have to be selected as well as the electoral observers of each political party.

Candidates will file their bids by May 1, and as soon as the electoral constituency offices are established on April 20.

A draw for the layout of the candidates on the ballot papers will have to be conducted by May 10, a deadline also valid for establishing the places for electoral billboards.

The election campaign starts on May 11 and lasts 30 days.

The ballot papers will be printed by May 31, at the latest, and then handed over to the prefectures.

On June 9, 07:00hrs, local, the campaign for the local elections will be officially over. The local elections will be held on June 10, between 07:00hrs and 21:00hrs.

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