Ameropa Group to invest over 200 million dollars in environmental protection, at Azomures


Swiss Ameropa Group, which purchased the majority stake of SC Azomures SA Targu Mures, announced that it will invest over 200 million dollars, in the next four years, for environmental protection and improvement of production of chemical fertilizers.

„In the last days, Ameropa company completed the acquisition procedure of Azomures chemical plant, according to signed understandings at the end of last year. By the acquisition of the most important producer of fertilizers in Romania, Ameropa strengthens its position in the market and introduces Azomures, together with the 2,600 employees, in a world network of production and marketing of fertilizers for agriculture. Ameropa Group assumed, at the moment of transaction, investments in value of 200 million dollars, that will focus on equipment for protecting environment and to give a boost to the efficiency of fertilizers production, especially at the installations of ammonium nitrate and urea. Upgrading existing equipment will reduce environmental impact, including in the case of ammonia emissions „, reads a press release issued by Azomures.

The investments are planned to be implemented in the next four years, so that work on the chemical platform to comply with environmental protection, according to the legislation in force.

The release also reveals that Azomures is in advanced discussions to complete the first contracts with suppliers of equipment and that, in the next two months, details will be given about the first investments.

In the group, Azomures already represents a strong brand in the field of chemical fertilizers, and investments to be run in Targu Mures will further strengthen it, said Jan Kadanik, vice president of the Azomures Administration Board quoted by the press release.

SC Azomures SA is the leading producer of chemical fertilizers in Romania, which annually produces at least 1.2 million tons of fertilizers exported to Europe, Africa, China and the United States, and has 2,600 employees.

Ameropa Group was founded in 1948, is an international trader of grain and fertilizers, with Swiss private capital, and it is covering markets in the United States, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as emergent markets in North Africa and Middle East.

Ameropa annually sells, worldwide, 10 million tons of chemical fertilizers and 7.5 million tons of cereals

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