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The River Adagio to open cruise season in Consanta Black Sea port


Cruise season is expected to bring 45 passenger ships to Constanta Black Sea port (southeastern Romania), in 2012.

Based on the sea companies’ initial schedule, by 7 percent more cruise holidaymakers are expected to arrive in Constanta, the more that 18 of the cruise ships are high capacity vessels, said Constanta National Sea Ports Administration (CNAPM) PR officer Monica Velicu.

The Oceanic, the first passenger ship to moor in Constanta Port, arrives on March 31. It is under Panama’s colors, is 238 meters long and can carry 1,600 passengers, while its crew numbers 560 people. The Oceanic cruises around the world, and started its journey in Yokohama, Japan, on Jan 24 and will end in Keelung, Taiwan, on April 29, Velicu stressed.

River cruisers are expected to lower the anchor in Constanta port, after a three-year break, while they were banned from sailing along the Danube River. Twelve cruisers are expected in Constanta. The River Adagio, owned by the US Grand Circle Company, moors with 200 American holidaymakers aboard, on Mach 28. As a matter of fact, each cruisers of the Grand Circle Cruise Line are planed to number 200 passengers. A 12-day journey on the route Budapest- Kalocsa (Hungary) – Osije (Croatia) – Belgrade (Serbia), Vidin, Ruse (Bulgaria) and Constanta costs 2,325 USD.

The Queen Victoria belonging to Carnival Company will take 2,014 passengers and a crew numbering 900 people, to Constanta, in September, which is a first for the Romanian Black Sea port.

CNAPM Constanta joined the MedCruise Association in 2007, and has been permanently making efforts to attract the big cruise companies to Constanta Port. The Constanta passenger terminal is a top European port, CNAPM Constanta curbed to 50 percent the fees for stopovers shorter than 48 hours, in 2012.


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