INS: Number of pensioners decreases to 5.589 million


The average number of pensioners was 5.589 million in 2011, down by 86,000 people, compared to 2010, when there were 5.675 million people in retirement, announced, on Friday, the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

Social security pensioners accounted for the largest share (99.8 percent) of the total number of pensioners. State social insurance pensioners represented 85.0 percent of the total of of those socially insured.

The monthly average pension was 753 lei (175 euros) in 2011, up 5.2 percent compared to 2010. The highest value of the average monthly pension (1,891 lei, which is about 440 euros) was registered in the lawyers social security system, and the lowest value, namely 311 lei (about 73 euros) in the former system of agricultural workers social security.

By the category of pensions, the age limit pensioners number was predominant (70.8 percent) in the social security system. Retirees included in anticipated and partially anticipated pension categories accounted for 2.4 percent, their number being higher by 2,000 people compared to the previous year.

Total number of beneficiaries of Government Emergency Ordinance No.6/2009 on establishing the minimum guaranteed social pension (currently a social allowance), in 2011, stood at 621,000 people, of whom 413,000 from the state social security system and 208,000 pensioners coming from the former agricultural workers system..

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