A total of 12 dams installed to limit oil pollution on Oltet river; all costs to be borne by Conpet

A total of 12 dams have been installed to date, to limit pollution on Oltet River (south), also 15 tons of absorbent material (spill-sip) being used, informs the Ministry of Environment and Forests in a press release.

Intervention teams of Olt Basin Administration (ABA) and Water Management System (SGA), together with those of IJSU River and Conpet SA, further act to stop the polluting flow and for the decontamination, with floating retention dams, absorbing dams and absorbent material on Oltet river.

Under the „polluter pays” principle, SC Conpet SA is obliged to take all measures for the remediation of pollution in the affected area and to restore it to its original state.

Caracal subsidiary of the National Land Development Agency, which manages two water intakes for irrigation from Lake Draganesti, was warned preventively of the risk of water pollution.

Minister Rovana Plumb, accompanied by a team of specialists from the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MMP), was on Wednesday in the zone where the oil pollution occurred, on Oltet River.

Wednesday morning, a Conpet pipeline carrying crude oil cracked and polluted with oil Oltet river, in the zone of the town of Bals, on a length of about 15 km.


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