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DGIPI starts up cyber defence system for MAI


The General Intelligence and Internal Protection Directorate (DIGIPI) with the Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI) officially started a cyber defence project for the MAI.

Head of the Counterintelligence and Security Division of the DGIPI Dumitru Zurbagiu said the overall aim of the project called ‘Implementing a CERT-INT cyber defence system at the MAI via the General Intelligence and Internal Protection Directorate,’ co-funded under the European Social Fund, the Development of Administrative Capacities Operational Programme 2007-2013, is improving the capacity of the DGIPI to contribute toward the development of policies in the area of cyberspace intelligence protection by securing a uniform reaction and response mechanism to deal with security incidents occurring at the MAI’s information systems.

‘The implementation of this project offers the possibility for us to provide increased protection of information in the cyberspace and of the working procedures related to information security inside the MAI, while also providing logistics support for preventing, detecting and solving security incidents and cyber attacks. This project will also improve the decision-making process inside the MAI as it improves the management and interventions in the case of security incidents at a regional or national level,’ said Zurbagiu.

He added that five projects are being carried out at the DIGIPI on structural funds worth over 20 million euros.

‘It is a reality the fact that we are witnessing borderless cybercrime, an increase in the trans-frontier nature of cyber threats and that is why we felt we need to bring additional protection measures for the information systems, to make sure cyber attacks of any kinds can be efficiently prevented. We are facing quite many new challenges and dangers that we have to cope with and it is enough to take a look at what is happening around us to see that the worlds in which we are living is increasingly more complex and the security developments are much more dynamic,’ said Zurbagiu.

Paul Vasile Zai, adviser to the minister of administration and interior, said in his turn that absorbing European funds is one of the main priorities of the MAI.

He added that the project aims to prevent vulnerabilities and counteract all threats against information systems, while providing a uniform reaction mechanism for security incidents.


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