PM agrees to recall Romania’s ambassador to Syria, but he wants to maintain technical consular staff

The proposal of Romanian Foreign Minister Andrei Marga to call back Romania’s ambassador in Damascus and expel Syria’s ambassador in Bucharest is just, but the Romanian consulate to Syria must remain operational in order to provide assistance to the Romanians who live there, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said.

‘I discussed with Foreign Minister Andrei Marga, his proposal is fair, (Syria’s) ambassador must be expelled and we must withdraw our ambassador to Syria, but at the same time we must maintain the technical consular staff at Romania’s consulate, because there are some thousands of Romanians, many married woman in Syria, children.

From the political point of view, the decision is perfectly fair and we must take it, but as regards the protection we have to provide to the Romanian citizens and to the citizens of Romanian origins living in Syria, and we do not talk about fifty, a hundred people, but of thousands of people, especially women and children, we have to absolutely maintain the technical personnel in Damascus and protect the Romanians who live there,’ Ponta said.

In the context, the head of government considers that in Syria ‘the people are killed in a civil war and that is very serious.’

‘I believe it is a fair stance of Romania as a country, because the fundamental breaches of the most elementary norms of human rights protection in Syria are obvious for the whole world, and for this reason we could not have shut our eyes to what is happening in Syria,’ PM Ponta also said.

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