PM Ponta seeking agreement with all political forces on holding the general election in October

Prime Minister Victor Ponta is seeking to win the agreement of all the political forces so that the general election of this year may be held in October, instead of November, so that the new Government may pass through Parliament its draft budget before the winter holidays.

‘I believe we should held the general election somewhere in October. There is no impediment to doing so constitutionally speaking. There is a constitutional provision saying the new parliament has to be convened within 20 days after the general election.

Yet, if we win a political agreement and, certainly, ask the Constitutional Court for an opinion so that we do not pass some decision that would be declared unconstitutional, I believe it is in the interest of everybody to hold the election before the winter holidays, snow, rain and all other things settle in. And the new government, which I believe will be again the incumbent one, the new government will thus have time to submit its draft national budget to Parliament for approval this November instead of how we used to do in December, on Christmas, when nobody pays attention, because the 2013 national budget must be debated, we cannot pass it like that in two days saying let us hurry home because Santa Claus is coming,’ Ponta told the Realitatea TV commercial television channel on Thursday evening.

He argued that this solution would advantage all the political forces, mentioning that he will discuss the matter with the opposition Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) as well.

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