Proposals to call back Romanian Ambassador and expel Syrian Ambassador are sent to Basescu, PM Ponta

The Romanian Foreign Minister Andrei Marga said he sent President Basescu, and PM Ponta the proposals that Romania’s Ambassador in Damascus should be called back, and Syria’s Ambassador in Bucharest be expelled.

Romania’s top diplomat also stressed that the Romanian consular services in Syria remain operational to provide assistance to the Romanian citizens still living there.

‘At the moment, the Romanian Foreign Ministry sent the Romanian authorities the proposal of expelling Syria’s Ambassador to Romania, and that of calling back Romania’s Ambassador to Syria, and the Romanian consular services in Syria should remain operational and provide assistance to the citizens who have Romanian passports, so that the Romanian citizens living in Syria should benefit from regular assistance,’ ForMin Andrei Marga told an interview with Agerpres.

Two days ago, the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) State Secretary Dan Petre summoned Charge d’affaires of the Syrian Arab Republic to Bucharest to discuss the violence in Houle locality.

„The Secretary of State strongly condemned the unspeakable violence committed recently in Houle locality, close to the town of Homs, ended with the death of more than 100 people, almost half children. Secretary of State Dan Petre expressed deep indignation against such acts that are likely to also threaten the regional stability and security”, read MAE press release to Agerpres, on May 29.

MAE made an appeal to the Syrian regime to urgently cease any form of violence, calling for the rigorous and thorough implementation of the plan of the joint Envoy of the U.N. and the League of Arab States, Kofi Annan, in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution number 2043, and full support for the UN Observer mission to Syria (UNSMIS).

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