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Laszlo Kover: Nyiro Jozsef created literary value, do not extol „his political blunders”


President of the Hungarian Parliament Laszlo Kover admitted, on Tuesday evening, in a press conference in Targu Mures (northwest of Bucharest), that there is a discussion between the Hungarian Parliament and Head of the Executive in Bucharest, but said that the subject of writer Nyiro Jozsef reburial is considered over.

„You can qualify it as you like, certainly there is a discussion between the Hungarian Parliament and head of the Bucharest Executive. For my part, I consider this discussion closed and do not want to reheat the subject (Nyiro – editor”s note). Although I respectfully asked you not to raise questions related to reburial, not for this I came here. I can tell you that reburial will not take place this week and I can tell you that the government of a country can express dissatisfaction with something, but can only take legal action only in the framework within its reach , „said Laszlo Kover, when asked if there is a diplomatic dispute between Bucharest and Budapest.

„Currently, I am here as a guest of the Hungarian Civic Party and not to answer your questions on the reburial of Nyiro Joszef, so please do not ask me these questions”, said Laszlo Kover.

At reporters” insistence on this subject, Kover replied: „If I want to raise the statue of Louis of Anjou, do you think I want to revive the medieval idea in the country?”.

He stressed it must be acknowledged that Nyiro Jozsef created a valuable literary work, going over „his political blunders”, and continued, saying „also in Romanian literature there are people, and I mention only Mircea Eliade, who had a valuable work, but was also a member of the Iron Guard „.

As regards the relationship with the UDMR, Laszlo Kover said that he changed his mind about this organization, as a result of not having done what it had promised.

Referring to Hungarians in Transylvania support to achieve autonomy, Laszlo Kover said that „first, in Transylvania one should fight for autonomy and then those who struggle can be backed up”.


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