Ballots have been printed and are stored in district City halls deposits


The ballots for local elections were printed by the Official Gazette and reached the district Bucharest City halls deposits, while on Saturday, June 9, they are to be transported to the polling stations, Ruxandra Ionescu, spokesperson for the Electoral Office of Bucharest Municipality (BEM).

She said that the ballots were printed on paper supplied by the National Administration of State Reserves and Special Problems, using 160 tonnes.

Ruxandra Ionescu also said that the ballots for local councils, district mayors and mayor general have each eight pages, and those for the General Council – 16 pages.

BEM spokesperson said that the ballots will be picked up, on Saturday, by the voting sections chairmen in bags and transported under guard to the sections.

Based on the public order and safety plan during the elections, 2,500 policemen and 800 gendarmes will protect the polling stations and will maintain public order in Bucharest.

Also on Saturday, the ‘voted’ stamps and stickers will be delivered to the polling stations.

Number of printed ballots is 10 percent higher than the number of voters registered on the eligible.

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