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C. Lelouch: Intelligence gives rise to horrors of the world, music and heart create its richness


Intelligence gives rise to the horrible things happening around the world, while the music and the heart create its richness, said French director Claude Lelouch, honorary guest of the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) held in Cluj-Napoca (north-west of Bucharest), on which occasion he was granted the Award for the Entire Career.

Claude Lelouch in an interview with the National News Agency Agerpres talks about his cinema creations produced ‘for the heart and not for intelligence’, about his opinion against ‘the new wave’, about risks and about freedom.

The public of TIFF watched the movie ‘Les uns et les autres’ (Some and Others), produced in 1981, featuring an impressive cast, a creation that is a film for the heart, not for the intelligence, according to the famous French director. The artists are people reaching the essential, while the politicians do business.

‘I tried to render the people’s behaviour against the war. The soundtrack of the movie is very optimistic. It is a definitive, immortal side. The death is the ultimate phase or just a stage. The music is everlasting. And Ravel’s Bolero, performed in the movie, is inexorable, it does not stop as the beats of the heart. The human intelligence led to war, made the French people hate the Germans. The heart is the only reference in my films, the only thing telling the truth. It is my only point of reference. ‘Some and Others’ draws a line between heart and intelligence. The music is the heart, the intelligence is the war, namely the horrors. The intelligence creates the horrors of the world, but the music and the heart enrich the world, the human soul at its best. In my movies, the music is an important sign, because it speaks best about the human soul,’ Claude Lelouch said.

The director also said he was never a fan of the ‘new wave.’

‘What I liked about it (the new wave) is that it showed me what I must not do: not to be pretentious, but humble. I believe the cinema is a popular, simple art. It’s the simple things that always impress the world. I hate the intellectual cinema, because it is pretentious and speaks to those who had the chance to study, to enhance their culture. The most wonderful movies in the world are produced for unsophisticated people. I prefer this kind of cinema.’

In addition, Lelouch admits he enjoys taking risks.

‘Of all my movie, ‘It was a date’ resembles most to me, because I did many dangerous things in my life, including the high speed drive through Paris. And every time I did dangerous things, I was rewarded. If I had not been a director, I would have been a little hooligan,’ Lelouche confesses.

As regards the freedom, Lelouch says that ‘freedom is the only thing I love. But freedom has also restrictions. The freedom it’s expensive, it’s a luxury.’


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