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PM Victor Ponta: We are very mobilized not to let Kover Laszlo to attain his goals


Prime Minister Victor Ponta said that the activity of the Chairman of the Hungarian Parliament in Romania is monitored, to see if it infringes any law, arguing that this one’s gesture is not unique, but part of a „strategy that pursues the radicalization of the Hungarian minority in Romania against the Romanian state institutions „.

„All the activity of Mr. Kover Laszlo was, and is monitored by us, just to see if it infringes any legal provisions. Rules of good neighborhood, of respect, have been already infringed, Mr. Kover Laszlo did not have what to look for in an electoral campaign in another country of the European Union, to support an extremist party and actually provoke the Romanian authorities, because the activity of Mr. Kover Laszlo was not so random, but it was a provocation at the address of Romania.

The Government’s attitude was extremely firm, but at the same time we do not want to pour fuel on the fire that Mr. Kover Laszlo consciously is trying to ignite in this zone in Transylvania”, Prime Minister declared on Thursday, in a press conference given at Satu Mare (country’s north).

Victor Ponta said that institutions are mobilized not to let the Chairman of the Hungarian Parliament to achieve his goals. The Premier said that an inter-ethnic conflict would not benefit anyone, doing nothing but going back in time.

„We must be careful, not to respond as Mr. Kover Laszlo would have liked us to do”, Premier Ponta added.


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