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Academician Laurentiu M Popescu is conferred Medal of Merit of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences


Academician Laurentiu M Popescu on Friday was conferred the Medal of Merit of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences for 2012.

Outstanding personalities of world medicine regard this medal as a genuine Nobel Prize for cardiology.

Academician Laurentiu M Popescu, coordinator of the team of doctors working with the Victor Babes Institute, is the man who became very famous after discovering telocytes, a kind of human cells having a regenerating role.

They are to be found in vital organs such as the lungs, the brain, the heart or the kidneys and are studied by scientists the world over. The most active countries in researching telocytes are China, Germany, Belgium, Italy and the US.

After the ceremony during which the prize was awarded, Academician Laurentiu Popescu said: ‘This medal, which I share with Professor Piero Anversa of the Harvard University in the US, is an honour. It has a moral, ideational value, but first of all a scientific one.’

He added that it was the most important sign of recognizing some traditions at the Victor Babes Institute, the oldest research institute in Romania. Professor Laurentiu Popescu said that in Romania there were enough technical means to be able to make progress in this research.

‘There is an enthusiastic group at the Victor Babes Institute. I have always said that a full international recognition in medicine implies three stages: a discovery in itself, which has already been made, let us say it is the telocytes, a second stage is the clarification of their importance for the normal functioning of the organism, namely for various pathological conditions, and the third is the therapeutic intervention, how they can be used in treatments. I am expecting that, in the course of time, there should appear a trio, in which we were the beginning.’

Professor Narrajan Dhalla of the University in Manitoba, Canada, handed the prize to him.


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