Ministry of Education: National Council for Preventing and Combating Violence in Schools is founded

Interim Minister of Education Liviu Pop decided to found the National Council for Preventing and Combating Violence in Schools, whose main task is to assume the role of an anti-violence national observer that should monitor and assess the way the national strategy for combating violence in schools is put into practice.

According to a release the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports (MECTS) sent to Agerpres on Friday, this council also has the tasks to draw up and validate the methodology meant to collect information referring to violence in schools (indicators, procedures meant to collect information, etc), and to monitor the phenomenon of violence in schools by coordinating the periodical collection of information referring to the problem of school violence at county and local level.

Other tasks of the recently founded council are initiating some actions meant to consult various governmental and nongovernmental organizations and institutions about the problem of violence in the educational system, suggesting and starting forms of intra and inter-institutional cooperation with a view to preventing and combating violence in schools, beginning national programmes and campaigns meant to prevent and combat violence in schools, and drawing up an annual national report on the phenomenon of violence in schools on the basis of the set of specific indicators.


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