285,418 candidates for 44,877 local positions

More than 18,000,000 citizens that have a vote are expected to elect the authorities of the local public administration on June 10.

According to the Ministry of Administration and the Interior over 280,000 citizens run for almost 45,000 positions of local authorities.

During the June 10 election they are to elect 3,187 mayors out of 14,139 candidates nationwide, the Bucharest General Mayor included, 41 chairmen of country councils out of 368 candidates, 1,338 county councillors out of 15,635 candidates and 40,311 local councillors out of 255,276 candidates, said Minister Delegate for Administration Victor Paul Dobre.

All in all 285,418 citizens run for 44,877 positions of local authorities.

The number of voters on the permanent electoral register is 18,315,880, according to the Minister Delegate.

Romanian citizens who turned 18, on the day of the election included, have the right to vote.

The right to vote is to be only exercised in the village, town, city or administrative and territorial subdivision of the city where the voter has his or her fixed abode.

18,133 polling stations were organized for the election on Sunday, of which 6,163 in cities, 1,689 in towns and 10,281 in villages.

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