Traian Basescu: It is test day, let us see if people understood that nobody wanted salaries to be cut

President Traian Basescu voted on Sunday and made it clear that it was ‘a test day,’ in which one can see if people have understood that nobody wanted salaries to be cut, but that the measures under consideration were necessary in the context of the economic crisis.

‘To me it is a test day as people who run in today’s election are also representatives of people who were in power at the time of crisis. It is extremely important to see if people have really understood that nobody wanted either salaries to be cut or austerity measures to be taken, but the country had to go through the crisis.

And people who have not noticed anything can look at Spain and Greece and they have somewhere else in Europe to look at too,’ said Basescu after exercising his right to vote at polling station 344 in Bucharest.

The Head of State came to the polling station together with his wife Maria and his younger daughter, Europarliamentarian Elena Basescu.

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