Traian Basescu urges Romanians to go to vote, for election results to legitimize newly elected local authorities


President Traian Basescu sent a message on the occasion of the local elections, in which urges Romanian to vote, so that the outcome of this elections to legitimize the newly elected local authorities and calls the institutions involved in the election process to conduct them fairly.

„I request the political parties participating in elections to follow the local elections rules, to ensure the presence of representatives in the polling stations and to properly conduct the election process and the ballot counting process”, reads the message from President.

Sunday the polling stations open, and more than 18 million voters are expected, until 21:00 hrs, at the polls, to elect the local administration authorities. Romanians with voting rights are to elect 3,187 mayors from 14,139 candidates across the country, including the mayor general of Bucharest, 41 presidents of county councils of 368 candidates, 1,338 county councilors from 15,635 candidates and 40,311 local councilors from 255,276 candidates.

According to MAI, 87,100 „Voted” stamps were made, 17 million stickers were printed, as well as over 80.5 million ballots.

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