Geraldine Chaplin: My dream is I can work till last sec of my life

Famous US actress Geraldine Chaplin awarded the prize for her entire career, at the 11th edition of the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) happened in Cluj Napoca (northwest of Bucharest), on June 1-10, told an interview with the Agerpres National News Agency about her cooperation with the world prestigious film directors, also stressing that her dream is she can work till the last sec of her life.

Geraldine Chaplin said about Claude Lelouch that he adores cinematography, and he is someone who breathes cinematography. He seems to be less demanding, but he actually gets exactly what he wants on a stage where a film is shot under his direction. Lelouch is a charming personality, an adorable man, said Geraldine.

Speaking about the live legend Charlie Chaplin, she recollected the 70ies when her father and she were visiting a Henri Matisse exhibition, in Switzerland, and when something special happened, but which unfortunately was not shot. Charlie Chaplin marked by his age and health condition arrived at the exhibition in a wheelchair and the audience failed recognizing him. But vying with the painter’s celebrity Chaplin said loudly so that everybody could hear him: ‘I myself was famous, sometimes. A visitor realized he was Charlot who had spoken, and asked him for an autograph, and all those present in the museum’s hall did the same, afterwards.

Geraldine Chaplin also spoke about more special moments of her career, and about less happy times. She said, she unfortunately failed meeting Alain Delon, except in his films. But she remembered she played with Michael York and Richard Chamberlain in Three Musketeers, with Omar Sharif and Julie Christie in Doctor Jivago, directed by David Lean, and where she played Tony Jivago. She also starred along Robert Hossein and James Caan in Les Uns et les autres (Bolero). She played in the US, Spain, France and UK, and she was lucky, the actress said.

About her hottest wish, Geraldine said: ‘My dream might look modest, but it is much more difficult than any simple role, namely I could work till the last sec of my life.


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