Partial BEC results (8:30 am): USL – first place in local elections


The Social Liberal Union (USL, alliance made up of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Conservative Party (PC), at rule) obtained the greatest number of mandates for the mayor position in the local elections, namely 236 (53.27 percent), being followed by the Liberal Democratic Party (PDL, in the Opposition) with 70 mandates (15.8 percent) and PSD, with 44 mandates (9.93 percent), according to the Central Election Bureau (BEC) data centralized by 8:30 am, from the 443 local election districts of a total of 3,186.

According to BEC, the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR, in the Opposition) obtained 31 mandates (6.99 percent), the National Liberal Party (PNL) – 17 (3.83 percent) and the Liberal Christian Movement – 9 (2.03 percent), the rest of the parties registering under 2 percent until present.

BEC’s spokesperson Marian Muhulet announced that for the local councilor position, USL won 2,070 mandates (42.7 percent), PDL – 775 (15.78 percent), PSD – 372 (7.67 percent), PP-DD – 317 (6.54 percent), UDMR – 290 (5.98 percent) and PNL – 199 (4.10 percent).

The rest of the parties and alliances that submitted lists for the local councils obtained under 4 percent, after the counting of votes coming from 443 voting sections of the total of 3,186.

For the county council’s presidency, USL received 52.02 percent of the votes (461,760 valid votes), PDL – 12.78 percent (113,441 votes), PP-DD – 7.4 percent, namely 65,746 votes, and UDMR obtained 64,130 votes (7.22 percent).

In the county councils, USL obtained 456,717 votes (52.06 percent), PDL – 116,296 (13.25 percent), PP-DD – 70,398 votes (8.2 percent), UDMR – 63,369 (7.22 percent) of the total number of valid votes.

The data for the county councils were obtained from the centralization of the votes of 1,996 voting sections out of the total number of 16,910.

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