Partial results: USL wins largest number of votes in local elections

The Social Liberal Union (USL) won the largest number of mandates of mayors, in the local elections, namely 750, which means 43.93 percent of the total votes, and it was followed by the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) with 259 mandates (15.17 %) and the Social Democratic Party (PSD) – 181 mandates (10.60%), informs the Central Election Bureau (BEC) after centralizing results from 1,708 polling stations namely 53.60 percent of the 3,186, till 6 p.m.

According to BEC spokesperson Marian Muhulet, USL won 7,017 mandates for the local councils (34.2%), while PDL won 3,162 (15.42%) and PSD 1,931 (9.41%).

USL received 49.31% (1,765,409 valid votes) for the heads of county councils, PDL – 15.46 % (553,108 votes), and Dan Diaconescu People’s Party (PP-DD) – 8.33 %, namely 298,282 votes.

As regards the county council posts, USL won 1,742,885 votes (49.37%), PDL – 553,740 (15.68%), PP-DD – 296,793 votes (8.40 %).

Figures for the county council positions were reported after centralizing the votes of 7,476 polling stations from a total of 16,910 (44.21%).

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