Premier Victor Ponta addresses Parliament on Tuesday

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday will make a statement dealing with domestic and international policy during the meeting of the two chambers of Parliament.

The Premier said on May 21 that he would request the standing bureaus of the two chambers of Parliament to convene a joint meeting in which he should address the Legislature that should then give a mandate for Romania’s representation at the meeting of the European Council on June 28.

‘I shall observe any decision made by Parliament as President Basescu observed the decision on dismissing the Ungureanu Government even if he did not find any pleasure in doing it,’ said Ponta at that time.

As a matter of fact the Premier made statements on this subject on Monday too, when he said that the idea of not informing Parliament of the talks at European level was ‘an anomaly and a malformation,’ a context in which he said that on Tuesday, in Parliament, he wanted a return to the normal relations among institutions.

‘The fact that in the past three years neither the Government nor Parliament have been entitled to have their say on a field that is essential to Romania, such as the field of European affairs – practically the EU pertains to the domestic policy – the fact that for three years Parliament has not even been informed of what is being talked about in Europe, the fact that the Government has not been involved in any way was an anomaly and a democratic and European constitutional malformation. (…) We want to bring institutions back to their normal functioning. One cannot exclude Parliament from such important decisions and I have reiterated them and am going to present them tomorrow too,’ said Ponta.

The Premier specified that on Tuesday he would make a political statement in Parliament on the five aims that are ‘the absolute priority at European level of the USL Government.’

‘In the time to come Romania will have five important subjects on the European agenda. First of all, joining the Schengen area. All the signals I got during the Interior Ministers’ Council made me happy. We also have a question to solve and we are going to solve it quite well, namely to present the CVM report for the past five years, the question of absorbing European funds, where we have been taking steps in order to prevent any kind of penalty from the EC to Romania. It is a very important situation, which was debated by the Prime Ministers in Bucharest, referring to the budget of the European Union, the allocation of resources for Romania over 2014-20 included, the European question of making a pact on economic growth and creation of jobs that should go with the fiscal governance treaty,’ said Victor Ponta.

On the other hand, Ponta said on June 6 that, when speaking in Parliament, he would support depriving public television of its political character and „protecting the public money.’

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