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Plenum of Chamber of Deputies passes draft law on electric energy and natural gas


The plenum of the Chamber of Deputies, which is the decision making chamber, passed the draft law on electric power and natural gas by a vote of 186 to 3 and 7 abstentions.

Minister of Economy Daniel Chitoiu said that this norm setting document was part of the energy law package adopted by the EU in 2009, by which they promoted the new common norms referring to the domestic market of the energy field.

‘The main aspects the law refers to are selecting the model of the independent system operator, as the network carrying electric power is the public property of the state, strengthening of the role of the National Regulatory Agency in Energy [ANRE], defining the vulnerable client both in point of electric power and natural gas. The draft law also stipulates the gradual renunciation of regulated prices for end users and the development of the competition market of electric power when these measures are borne by the end clients,’ said Chitoiu.

He added that they would ensure access of as many participants as possible to the natural gas market and they would make it possible for competition to increase by gradually giving up the regulated prices for the end clients. The Minister of Economy assured the deputies that, by the end of this year, there would be no more contracts with the ‘clever boys’ in the energy field.

According to Chitoiu, ANRE together with the European Commission established that gas prices for non-household consumers should be liberalized starting this December till the end of the year 2014 and for household consumers, starting in July 2013 till the end of the year 2018.


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