PM and President fail agreeing on attending European Council, but will continue dialogue

Premier Victor Ponta said, after meeting with President Basescu, that he had not come to an agreement with the President on Romania’s representation at the European Council of June 28.

‘It was a long enough talk. We have also talked about the European Council. We have come to no conclusion. We have not come to an agreement, yet, and we shall continue the dialogue so that we should agree on a solution by the 28th. I shall meet the President some other time too. From my point of view, the best solution is a compromise. … What matters is for me, when I go there, to have a viewpoint to which both the President and Parliament should agree. … Finally, it is very important for us not to be in the position of other countries … on the 28th and settle a domestic conflict before our European partners,’ said Ponta.

Asked whether he thinks about adopting a normative act to regulate the situation of Romania’s representation to Brussels, PM Ponta said that, at the moment, such a draft normative act is at the later stage.

‘As far as I know, a draft law on the relationship between the Parliament, the Government and the President, concerning the representation to the European Union, included, passed from the Chamber of Deputies and it is currently at the Senate, at the final stage, and it will be probably adopted next week.’ PM Ponta said.

According to Romania’s Prime Minister the talks on Romania’s representation to the EU Council will go on, but he failed specifying any date, pointing out it depends both on his and on President Basescu’s agendas.

‘We have not agreed on who is to represent Romania to the European Council, but we have continued and will continue our dialogue on the issue, and we will prevent the dispute to be exported off Romania,’ PM Ponta stressed.

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