PM Ponta: Electioneering ended Sunday, all Gov’t energies are now focused on reforms

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Friday told regional Vice-President of the World Bank Philippe Le Houerou that now that elections and electioneering are over, all the energies of Romania’s Government are geared toward achieving economic and social reforms.

‘In a democratic society elections matter a lot, but, at the same time, for the incumbent Romanian Government electioneering ended on Sunday and all the Government’s energies have been geared toward achieving structural reform and providing assistance for the economy and social reforms since then. As the campaigning ended, we wren back to the famous saying ‘it is about economy,’ and any government, no matter how excellent results it gets in the elections, sooner or later will lose the popular support unless it starts immediately proving that it has administrative abilities and creativity in the economic and social areas,’ said Ponta.

He added that the Government is determined to switch ‘from the time needed to think projects, draw up documents and voice good intentions, to the time of implementing them.’

‘Romania has many times voiced good intentions, for instance in relation to European structural and cohesion funds, but, unfortunately, the road from good intentions to implementation has been too long or too difficult. As far as the new government team is concerned, it has the determination to start implementing projects, whereas the entire authority and political support of the prime minister will be used to support the implementation process,’ said Ponta.

In his turn, Le Houerou said Romania has made progress with macroeconomic stability, with reforming its tax framework and placing the economy on a track to recovery.

Successful reform, he added, requires strong leadership, political willingness and support from political parties, as well as financial resources, and the World Bank, in close partnership with the European Commission, is ready to help Romania.

Ponta and Le Houreou met on Friday at a conference in Bucharest on the modernisation of Romania’s public administration.

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