Victor Ponta: I appreciate any company creating at least one job for Romanians

Premier Victor Ponta in Vienna in a debate at the Federal Economic Chamber of Austria said that he appreciated any company creating at least one job and offering a salary to Romanian employees.

‘I came to voice my gratitude for all Austrian companies that have invested money and created jobs in our country and to give a positive message that we are interested in your investments and that we want to find solutions not only to guarantee them, but also to encourage you to invest more and to have more faith in the future of my country,’ Premier Ponta said.

He admitted that there were areas in which Romania had to improve, mentioning the fight against corruption, the bureaucracy, and the lack in the capacity of absorbing European funds, for the infrastructure improvement in the first place, but also for the health and education systems.

The Romanian Premier told those present in the forum works that he came to Austria in order to give a strong message that this country and its companies were very important to Romania.

‘I believe that Romania has a significant potential and I believe that Austria has made a strategic decision of investing in Romania,’ Victor Ponta also said.

The Romanian Prime Minister appreciated that in the future there would be a competition among the European governments for creating a more favourable business environment. In this context, Ponta voiced his hope that he would be able to prove that he was not only the youngest Prime Minister in Europe, but also the most friendly with the business environment.

He also said that Romania’s Government had to be proactive in relation with the big Austrian companies investing in Romania.

Victor Ponta pointed out that during the day he would meet the most important Austrian investors in Romania, OMV representatives included.

Premier Victor Ponta is paying an official visit to Austria, being accompanied by Transports Minister Ovidiu Silaghi and by the Business Environment Minister Delegate Lucian Isar.


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