Premier Ponta says that he will give necessary explanations of alleged plagiarism in doctoral thesis

Premier Victor Ponta said in the morning that he would go to the specialist commission of the Ministry of Education and give ‘all the necessary explanations’ referring to the accusations of plagiarism and said that everything was a frame-up.

He told a news conference at the Parliament Palace that presidential adviser Daniel Funeriu was behind the appearance of the article in the British publication.

The Premier made it clear that he had consulted with several professors and that the only thing he could be reproached with was the fact that he did not mention the author in a footnote at the bottom of the page, but at the end of the thesis, as a bibliography.

‘If this is an error, I am ready to assume it and pay for it, but as long as all the authors are mentioned in the bibliography, one can by no means speak of my intention to assume something that other people have done,’ said Ponta.

The Premier made these clarifications in the context in which, on Monday, there was information in the press of the suspicion of plagiarism in his doctoral thesis and an article that appeared in the Nature publication was mentioned.

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