Black Sea seismologists concerned about containing earthquake damage

Over 60 geophysicists, seismologists, geologists and contingency specialists from Bulgaria, Moldova, Turkey and Romania on Wednesday attended an international conference in Romania’s south-eastern Black Sea town of Eforie Nord that released a project for the establishment of an ESNET Black Sea basin seismic safety network.

The event, organized by Romania’s National Earth Physics Research and Development Institute (INFP), Bulgaria’s Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography Institute, Moldova’s Institute of Geology and Seismology and Turkey’s International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation, started with a speech delivered by Ph.D Stefan-Florian Balan, the INFP’s ESNET project manager, about how to prevent disasters triggered by major earthquakes in the Black Sea region using European Union support.

INFP Director General Constanin Ionescu said in his welcome speech that the scientific event at Eforie Nord gathers together the expertise of four Black Sea countries that have to put up frequently with earthquake effects – Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Turkey – mentioning that the ESNET project is carried out under a 2007-2013 Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme.

The speakers presented their expertise in major areas of contingency management, such as the creation of sensor networks that evaluate and warn in case of major earthquakes, rescue missions, specialist medical aid for emergencies and the prevention of the destructive effects of seismic hazards.

Moldovan specialists presented a distinct point of view as they argued for a cross-border institutional framework for integrated regional cooperation that includes joint contingency management, the submission of updated information in real time to the national centers for seismic monitoring in the Black Sea countries and awarding the status of an inter-state seismic monitoring centre to the seismologic observatory at Eforie Nord, in the south-eastern Romanian province of Dobrogea.

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