Government wants to restore Romania as honeypot on investments map in Europe

Minister-delegate for Business Milieu Lucian Isar said during a symposium that he is part of a pro-business government who wants to reposition Romania as a future honeypot on Europe’s investments map.

„We are a pro-business government and we have an ambidextrous strategy. One of them is macro-stability and we are sure to enter the macroeconomic indices, in accordance with the agreement with the IMF, the World Bank and the European Union. The second part of the measures is to boost and restart the Romanian economy. What we do during all our road-shows we have at the moment in Asia, the Middle East, the US, northern Europe and western Europe is to try to restore Romania as a honeypot on Europe’s map,” said Lucian Isar during the M&A Outlook in the New Economy conference, held by, Ernst&Young and PeliFilip.

The minister-delegate for Business Milieu believes that Romania „has got the chance to stick out” amid the global competition to lure investors.

„Firstly, we are a relatively large country, by European standards. After travelling to Asia one might change their minds but judging by European standards we are a big country. There is a lot of inefficiency and once you work for the public sector and see how the state works with the private sector, you can see this is a boon. A lot of inefficiency means an investor will have the chance to get higher profitability compared to the already grown economies,” said Lucian Isar.

He added that there are still „a lot of unexploited resources, both underground and on the surface,” and, as regards the human capital, „apart from what we have here, „Romania might benefit from a „youth migration” made up of people who left abroad and people who have just left the country.

„As there is a local structure and opportunities, these people can come back. This is a benefit the mature European economies or the regional champions cannot make use of,” stressed the minister-delegate for Business Milieu.


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