PM Ponta: A ‘lot of ticking bombs’ inherited from former governments

Prime Minister Victor Ponta told the government that they had inherited „a lot of ticking bombs” from the previous governments, and that it is their obligation to sweep away any economic interest and material benefit for those involved in defrauding public money.

„We now take up and must manage all the issues we’ve inherited, of either economic nature – and I know about the very difficult situation of Oltchim, Mr. Minister, and I hope we can do all that stands in our power to find solutions, and then there’s Hidroelectrica too – or other.

We inherited a lot of ticking bombs, just as I told you, and it is our obligation and our right, based on the legitimate mandate entrusted to us ten days ago, to handle these difficult situations and jointly overcome them, together with the entire population of Romania.

But we must do this otherwise than the former governments: first, we must explain the state of play, secondly – we must have a professional approach and, thirdly – we must sweep away any economic interest, political corruption and material benefits for those who were involved in defrauding public interests and public money,” said Ponta in the beginning of the government meeting.

He also told the Ministers about his recent official visit to Austria and its economic implications.

„Let us roll our sleeves up to solve Romania’s most important problems: economy, job creation, the absorption of EU funds. I wish that the efforts made lately by Mr. Orban (European Affairs Minister – Ed note.) and by everyone else in mending all the things that malfunctioned in the last years in connection with the absorption of EU funds yielded positive results in the end,’ Victor Ponta told the Ministers.

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