Romania, sixth most attractive in Europe for foreign investments

Romania is the sixth most attractive European country for investments in the following three years, ahead of the Czech Republic, Turkey, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain or Sweden, according to the 2012 European Attractiveness Survey conducted by Ernst&Young.

„Romania has the advantage of a promising growth rate of the GDP as compared to the European average, and that of a valuable human capital. We can see more and more investors attracted by the renewable energy sector. More privatizations are scheduled for the period to come, pushing the investors all around the world to consider our country. It is essential to support this positive trend by proper economic strategies,” said Bogdan Ion, country managing partner with Ernst&Young Romania.

The survey released to the media on Wednesday revealed that, despite the economic fragility in the Euro Area, the investments flow towards Europe kept on growing in 2011, as the number of projects was significantly higher than prior to the crisis.

As regards the winning industries of 2011, the economies in Central and Eastern Europe lead in point of investments in the processing industries. Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic attracted 53 percent of the newly-created jobs in the car-manufacturing industry.

In Romania, Ernst&Young is one of the leaders on the professional services market since its creation in 1992. The 460 employees in Romania and the Republic and Moldova provide integrate services of audit, fiscal assistance, transactions assistance and business assistance to multinational and local companies. The company has offices in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi and Chisinau.


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