Supreme Court sentences Adrian Nastase to two years in prison

The Supreme Court of Justice and Cassation on Wednesday sentenced former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase to two years in prison in relation to a corruption case known as the ‘Quality Trophy’.

 The sentence is final and binding.

The five-judge panel of the Supreme Court changed the indictment against Nastase, thus sustaining his challenge to a decision of the lower court, and sentenced the former prime minister to two years in prison after retrial.

The court also decided on Wednesday to abridge the sentences for the other defendants in eth same case. Thus, Irina Paula Jianu, Bogdan Popovici and Mihai Cristian Vasile were sentenced to six years in prison each, while Diana Gasparovici and Ioana Popovici were sentenced to five years in prison each. The sentences in all these instances are also final and binding.

The National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) sent Nastase to court on January 20, 2009 for having abused ‘the influence or authority of the office of a party chairman to organise a symposium called ‘Quality trophy in constructions’ in order to raise money for the presidential election campaign he was to embark on.’

In January 2012, the Supreme Court of Justice and Cassation had sentenced Nastase to two years in prison, but Nastase challenged the sentence by appeal.

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