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Bogdan Aurescu says Danube should be promoted as main transport artery to and from Central Europe


Secretary of state with Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) Bogdan Aurescu said that the Danube should be promoted as a major artery for merchandise transit to and from the Central Europe, reveals MAE.

 Bogdan Aurescu attended the launch of the „Silk Road” Association, when he highlighted the importance of the rebuild of „The Silk Road” in the 21st century around its past historic frame.

„Merchandise transport and trade became instrumental to cerate a larger project which requires an exchange of cultural values, of ideas, the access to different worlds and mentalities. It is, if you want, a happy finality exceeding the purely commercial intentions in the beginning. This openness towards other peoples’ values led in time to a consecrated road of civilizations and culture,” stressed secretary of state Bogdan Aurescu, stressing that the rebuild of „The Silk Road” was a plan of action meant to strengthen Romania’s partnership relations with the countries along this road, as well as other ideas of regional cooperation.

He showed that the rebuild of this historic route is a target of Romania’s foreign policy since the early 90s’, right after the declaration of independence of the Central Asian and South Caucasus states.

„We are talking today about the need to cultivate inter-human contacts and to provide the interaction between various geographical areas by plans such as the Danube Strategy, the Black Sea Synergy and the Neighbouring Policy of the European Union. Although the logic of their direction is opposed to that proposed by „The Silk Road,” they all have very close aims, to support the potential of regional cooperation in a wide range including the economic, cultural segment and the dialogue of the civil societies,” said the secretary of state.

Aurescu believes the gap between the very good political dialogue and the slow economic evolution might be filled with the aid of the newly-launched association.

„We need a joint sustained effort for a better cooperation on various segments, governmental, economic, cultural, that of the civil society, etc,” he said.

The ceremony to launch the Association was held in the context of the international scientific session „The Silk Road. History and Perspectives,” held between June 20 and 24.


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