Dr. Serban Bradisteanu: Adrian Nastase is in stable condition, he will undergo surgery early in the morning

Doctor Serban Bradisteanu told the Antena 3 TV channel late on Wednesday that former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase was admitted to the Floreasca Hospital, at the intensive care unit, that he is in a stable condition and he will undergo surgery early on Thursday.

‘This is our plan, it will be a complex team and we shall perform the operation early in the morning,’ said Serban Bradisteanu, adding that Adrian Nastase could speak, but with difficulty.

He said that Nastase shot himself in the neck.

‘When a bullet enters the body and penetrates the human tissues, the first risk is to injure important tissues and the second is the risk of infection that we are trying to prevent. The bullet is not sterile,’ said Bradisteanu. In addition, he mentioned that Nastase has diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure.

Bradisteanu said the surgery could not have been performed on Wednesday night, because the patient’s vital functions had to be stabilized and he had to undergo complete examinations.

In his turn, Dr. Ioan Lascar, head of the Department of Plastic Surgery with the Floreasca Hospital told Agerpres that the former premier was submitted to a multi-disciplinary examination.

Professor Dr. Mircea Beuran told Agerpres that the patient must be closely watched because ‘the injury can develop’ and he added that his family requested in writing that medical information about the patient’s condition not to be disclosed to others.

Adrian Nastase was brought to the Floreasca Hospital late on Wednesday, after he shot and wounded himself in a suicide attempt.
Before this event, the policemen went to the residence of Adrian Nastase to enforce the arrest warrant. The High Court of Cassation and Justice ruled that Adrian Nastase must serve a two-year prison sentence in relation to a corruption case known as the ‘Quality Trophy’.

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